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                   many thanks

We would like to thank the many people who generously donated their time and their intellectual property to help us launch the #TeensForYazidis campaign.

  • Thanks to Aime Saulnier, Jody Liu, Michael Skorker, Nicole Chalifoux, Emily Simpson, Melissa McIntyre and other teachers at MHS who encouraged the initial idea and mobilized their clubs to fundraise for us. You were our launch pad!
  • Matthew Barber of the University of Chicago was a key contributor - your candid feedback and deep understanding of the situation saved us weeks of research and put us in a solid direction right from the start!
  • Photographer and human rights activist Saverio Serravezza did not hesitate for a moment before giving us permission to use his photographs.
  • Silvia Zunnino, Faris Mishko and Jens Robert Janke - the ground troops - thank you for coordinating with us and producing the video that was central to our campaign.