BBC News: "The Boys Made to Fight for IS"

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Male teenagers from the Yazidi tribe were brainwashed by books and taught how to kill by ISIS military.

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The webpage focuses on the story of two Yazidis boys, Lovant and Sabbah, from Northern Iraq. The boys were stripped from their families and forced into military camps ran by ISIS. Lovant, 16 years old, and Sabbah, 14 years old, were forced by ISIS to shoot anyone who was not Muslim. Lovant and Sabbah were not Muslim, but they pretended to be by studying the books ISIS gave to them.

ISIS taught Lovant, Sabbah, and other kidnapped teenagers war tactics and weapon training. The boys were forced to bring their guns with them everywhere; they were beaten if they failed to do so. Innocent people were shot at for no reason other than target practice.

Fortunately, the boys were able to escape through secret methods and smugglers. They were able to find refuge in Germany in a community with other refugees; majority of these refugees were women because they men would be kidnapped or would "disappear". These women, along with other children, were commonly used as sex slaves before fleeing for their lives.

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