Amal Clooney: 'Yazidis in Iraq are IS genocide victims'

Amal Clooney, a human rights lawyer and wife of George Clooney, addresses the concerns of the Yazidis Genocide in this interview with BBC News. Clooney has done countless interviews and research on this event. She wishes to use her political power and fame to her advantage in order to bring social justice to these people.

 Clooney states that the UN has officially confirmed the tragedy as a genocide. However, she confesses that little has been done to put ISIS and the killings to an end. The UN should put more efforts towards restoring justice for the Yazidis. Clooney says that finding lost documents, tracing back phone calls, and discovering mass burial grounds (hidden by ISIS) can help solve this problem.

Work towards this problem currently happens "behind closed bars," says Clooney. The best thing that people can do is spread awareness of the situation. Common information about the Yazidis, ISIS, or both groups may influence the public to resolve this issue.

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